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Phantoms is one of Haitian most popular Compas bands. Founded in 1990, Phantoms have consistently surprised their dedicated fan base with innovative music, pushing the bounds of Haitian music. Phantoms’ music is high-energy traditional Compas with the injection of Rock guitar, drum’n’bass rhythms and provocative lyrics. They have pioneered CompasRock: soulfully meshing English, French and Creole styles of music, culminating in this eagerly anticipated next chapter of Phantoms music.
In undertaking the task of proving that “Creole Music” is as global as any other music, Phantoms had become Haiti’s “New Generation Compas” musical icon. Phantoms have, through the years, only given their constant best at all time, and, without a doubt, carried their entire generation along with them for the ride. Their music can be described as a well-balanced mix of high-energy cuts from traditional Compas by adding Pop/Rock guitar, drum ‘n’ bass rhythmic tunes and provocative lyric concoctions. Thus, they pioneered Compsa/Rock in their own unusual musical style.
King Kino, Phantoms’s lead vocalist and front man, is a true legend in his own right with an undulating vocal cord, commanding tone, impressionable verbiage and a captivating air. His undeniable distinctive voice has been replicated among the younger generation Compas vocalists, yet he remains unequaled.
King Kino and Phantoms, on their first album, “Ouvè Bariè Ya”, experimented with a new form of sounds that not only was unique, but also spanned to various genres, from rock to soul. This debut album was a hit overnight with “Pression Lanmou” and “14 Fevrier”. It won them the 1992 “Best New Group” at the Caribbean Music Awards held at the Apollo Theater.
In 1995, the double album, “Rezireksyon/Resurrection,” was a first in the Haitian music market. With twenty-three songs filled with inspirational messages and lyrics, it cemented the band’s reputation as advocates of democracy. This album definitely made their legacy where more urban styles like Reggae, Rap, Gospel and even a hint of Opera were introduced. This compilation was a clear indication of their outstanding versatility. The New York Times stated that the song “Rekonsilyasyon” was “An informal anthem for their country” (Haiti). Not afraid to be controversial or stand out for human right is one of this band’s mottos. Most of their songs have enough verbal ammunition to ignite the mind while infiltrating the body with hyper kinetic beat, leaving their audience breathless.
​During the “Rekonsilyasyon” promotional tour in Haiti, the band performed for an audience of over 60,000. In addition, to constant touring to various country like France, Belgium, Holland, Switzerland, Senegal, Japan, Martinique and Guadeloupe, they also appeared on the same stage with the likes of Lill Kim, Luther Vandross and Jermaine Jackson. They made their mark for their unparalleled live performances in such places as Madison Square Garden, The Roseland Ballroom, The Apollo Theater, Essence Magazine Music Festival and Summer Stage Central Park to name a few.
King Kino and Phantoms are always a step ahead and have the capability of reinventing themselves. “Fwet Kach”, their 2003 release, is proof positive. It revealed a sense of more mature sound and smoother blend of Compas with an R & B touch. The band members have been hailed as an incredibly gifted group that is very involved in the writing, recording, and producing of all their albums. Their dedication has earned them a rightful place among the best Haitian bands.
These trendsetters understand the rules of putting grandiose stage presentation, outstanding live tunes, creating off the hook production, put up extravagant and exuberant shows and giving a hundred percent high energy animation. Theses musicians have real talent to give a surreal performance.
Don’t be fooled by the name “Phantoms” because you will never see a Haitian band, with so much heart and soul on stage, that is determined to win over the most dubious audience. On November 1st, they will have a virtual show and again, one you will remember forever.