“the YoungKing” Pop/Soul/Bleus/Jazz/R&b/reggae dancehall Artist, Born in Port Salut, Haiti,from Haitian and Cuban parents. “Ashté”at the age of 8 had been already on stage performing diverse genre of music in parties and weddings. Ashté, as young as he was but yet, developed positive aptitude enough to set his goal and to follow his dream. Subsequently, the 22 of may 1993, a few months after the lost of his father, with the desire of becoming a professional musician, Ashté find his way to “Saint Trinité” one of the best-known school of music in the country. Some said he wanted to be attached to his passion so he found a better way to handle himself after the unfortunate lost. After the first of the four years at Saint Trinité, Ashté had captured the attention of many by being part of all major events for the school either with a performance with his violin or/and his violoncello. As a result of Ashté prosperous talent, Dr. Dalancour, his Jazz professor who recognized his ability and vocal skills manage to set him for class at “Petit Chateurs” where Ashté had learned how to sing the opera. In late 1997, Ashté was one more time on stage with “The International Disciple Club along with Robert Cherry to showcase for the first time the four years of his experience and studies of music lessons for a whole stadium. That day of December 24 of 1997 is one of the most memorable moments of his artistic carrier; Ashté says. In 1999, Max Bateau, a painter, a marvelous saxophonist have met Ashté and involve him in his first group “Rap So Boys”. Nevertheless, Ashté was somewhat skeptical pursuing the dream without the fundamental knowledge her mother requires. Therefore, before we even know it, Ashté put an end with “rap so Boys” and earn his minor in psychology and his major in interpret-aria which, had led him to an academic award in English. In May 5, 2001, Ashté enter a new group “Flex” manages by Richard Senecal and Patrick Pierre. This was the beginning of a new era; this is when and where Ashté started with his first hit records that have been internationally played in all the Caribbean countries and part of Europe mostly in France. Ashté have been so hot, (R.F.I.) Radio France International could not resist the heat and started playing Ashté in a daily basis. Among all could not afford to forget: “Tèt Anba” 2002, “Well Done” 2002, “DJ Naval” 2002, “DJ Magic” 2003, “Prechi Precha” 2003 and “Tapata Dance” 2005. Now that Ashté have met the end of his contract with flex and work on his first solo album “Héro” with the smash release single “johane”. On a brighter side, Ashté have met Green Ocean Media and find new excitement working with artist `Aren B. Keep an eye open and look forward for Hans “Ashté Tondreau because the Green Ocean Media team says that: “ Ashté is the finest piece of diamond that the world is looking for and that has not been yet fully dig out”. Ashté Quotation: ” Roots are familiar to the trees”. Ashté: The Dance Ashté has always used his time wisely. He spends a lot of time in musical activities in order to fulfill his spiritual quest of becoming a rue legend. He has also spent 4 years learning how to dance contemporaneous and Modern Ballet at Lynn Williams Rouzier. Furthermore, after he has done with ballet in 1994, he followed his half brother Tardieu to learn how to dance contemporaneous and Modern Latin Dance at Harry Policard On September 22, 1996 Ashté met Cuban Anna Maria Miguel in a Latin dance seminar who became his dancing partner. In December of 1997, Ashté won 2nd Place for discipline MAMBO at the Island dance Studio in Aruba, which was his first international competition. Ashté has taught Ballet and Ball Room dancing for 6 years during which time he opened his own dance school, “Hans and Moito”. Due to the lack of a good Hip-Hop dance school in his environment, Ashté taught himself this form of dance at his studio. Ashté has been teaching aerobics and hip-hop for 4 years now in the most frequent Haitian Gymnasiums “El Rancho and “Gold Gym”. Ashté is a talented singer, dancer, entertainer and a gifted painter.

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