Renowned sculptor Anderson Belony assassinated in the Village of Noailles

Tuesday, October 12, heavily armed men of the "400 mawozo" gang again sowed terror in the 
artisanal village of Noailles (Croix-des-Bouquets), known for its cut metal works.

Burst of automatic weapon sowing panic, vandalism of artist shops, these lawless individuals 
attacked the residence of the well-known sculptor Anderson Belony, one of the oldest voodoo 
shrines and family heritage in the village, with paintings in particular murals from the 50s.

Anderson Belony fell to murderous bullets in this savage attack

Reacting to the sad news of his death in a note, Raina Forbin, President of the Haiti 
Tourist Association (ATH) said: “Once again ... once again ... is installed at the gates 
of the guardians of our Culture […] Noailles, cultural site par excellence, classified 
as a national heritage, a true museum of Haitian creativity, has lost his polo mitan Belony,
 renowned artist, great sage respected by all, sculptor and servant of our ancestral 
traditions, was the last immolated.

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